The Impel Marketplace

An Intelligent + Comprehensive Marketplace for Consumer Services

Consumers: Services are the Third Largest Spend in your Budget and You Spend 500+ Hours Managing Them. Impel Drives Finding What you Need from the Best Sources Based on What Matters to You

Merchants: Directly Connect Your Consumer Service Offerings with Consumer’s Mobile Lifestyle to Power Your Business.

Power of the Impel Marketplace

Not only do you get to connect with customers, but with customers seeking exactly what you offer. Impel focuses on transaction flow for the complete cycle of consumer services eCommerce. Impel creates a true powerful marketplace to connect merchants and consumers in sustaining long-term relationships.

Consumers: Find What you Need on Your Terms

Consumers are seeking focused choices to identify and meet their needs and avoid the “static” of ads and manipulation. For the first time, consumers are able to match an unlimited number of objectives to find what they want in a free market, synchronize the best times for delivery based on their calendar, and optimize the best cost for them: all without getting involved!

Merchants: Stand Out from the Crowd

In certain environments, survival depends on the ability to blend in...But not when you’re a consumer service merchant.

To be successful you have to stand out from the crowd to link to consumers. Impel offers a broad platform of functionality to connect merchants and consumers. Your service business connects to customers based on the match between what the consumer is specifically seeking and what you offer.

The Internet of Things for Your Consumer Services

Whether you buy services from a local merchant, a regional group or a national supplier – Impel connects customers and their suppliers through private, secure matching. The Impel Marketplace includes merchants of all kinds of services, including:

Personal Care

Caring for our bodies can be overlooked but is an important regimen in our lives. With Impel, you can proactively manage everything from haircare to skincare, as well as just about any form of personal fitness to compliment the looks you'll achieve.


Every aspect of the everyday care of your health, and the health of your family and pets, can be proactively maintained through your ImpelCX Persona™. From doctor appointments to training regimens to pampering, all of your needs can be sourced, matched and managed. You can even keep track of grandpa and grandma's medical needs and monitor them remotely. We’ve thought of everything.

Home Maintenance

Most of us don’t even understand all of the systems and things in our homes that need maintenance. When they break, we’re lost. Impel changes that with the first proactive home maintenance technology to direct the management of your most valuable asset. Preventative care eliminates inconvenience such as that oven that always seems to break on Thanksgiving morning.

Automotive Services

Believe it or not, more than 20% of the cars on the road today have the “needs service” light shining brightly, but it is ignored. This can lead to a more expensive breakdown -- don’t let this happen to the cars in your family fleet! With ImpelCX Persona™ your needs are assessed based on your car’s readings, information from the manufacturer, or information from similar vehicles in the Impel marketplace. Keep it running perfectly without spending too much money or time.

Transportation Services

Connecting with cabs, limousine services, or other public transportation from where you are is simplified with the Impel marketplace. We maintain connections for the easy interface for your urgent and scheduled needs!