85% of People Surveyed Say that Mobile Devices are a Central Part of Everyday Life

A very important statistic noted in the Experian Study — in 2011. The number has grown. In fact, 56% of American adults own a smartphone and there are more mobile devices today than personal computers and mobile e-commerce transactions exceed 1 trillion dollars annually.

Mobile commerce is a permanent change but the methods of mobile engagement will adapt over time. Also, while social marketing, ad words and other costly technologies to manage campaigns are available to acquire new customers, savvy service merchants are investing lower per customer dollars in technologies to keep existing customers. That’s increasing their bottom-line profits.

Only a small portion of consumers will engage on a specifically branded mobile application

Julie Ask, Forrester Research Vice President and Principal Analyst, notes "Not all of your customers will download your mobile apps," she said. "You will be lucky to even get to a majority of adoption on mobile apps.

"As you think about going forward, you need to think about how to engage on third-party platforms. We call this borrowing mobile moments - where else are my consumers and how am I going to engage with them based on where they are. You need to think about content on third party sites, services on third party sites."

Impel is a mobile customer engagement technology with unique patent-pending functionality to drive customer retention.

We make it easy for you and make a quick implementation a focus so you can keep your competitors from paying to acquire your customers with:

Technology that Adds

We don’t replace anything within your current operating environment or systems. We have API’s to connect the important information that helps you engage your customers. Our patent-pending technologies allow both parties to focus on what’s important to them without distraction and to focus on them when it’s most important or convenient!

Comprehensive and Intuitive User Experience

There is nothing more frustrating for consumers than managing multiple online profiles with different passwords and interface nuances. With Impel, your customer’s information is maintained by them and updated with the information that they want you to know. Rather than “reinventing the wheel” for the processes that are not a competitive advantage for you to keep your customers engaged, you can use Impel’s simple and focused user experience modules.

Feedback Resolution

Feedback is a time when both the consumer and service merchant want the relationship to be at a pinnacle of positive feelings. That is not always the case for a number of reasons and current feedback models can do more harm than good. Impel’s patent-pending bi-lateral feedback resolution guides your service employees to be responsive using the best known methods and proven results. Feedback should be more than a rating on a web site: it should be a process for building. With the Impel feedback resolution technology, it is.

Persona Search

The Impel mobile customer engagement technology guides your customers to a match between what they need and what you offer. The details of the customer’s assets and details (such as a particular model of car, a refrigerator or a health condition) are confidentially used to make the service call or appointment as efficient as possible. We do not sell ads or advertising and do not mine the consumer’s data for our gain so everything is protected and used to benefit the relationship between you and your customer.

Coordinated Schedules

When you’ve found the best resource for your needs, the appointment options presented are based on what’s mutually convenient. Without revealing any information about the consumer’s calendar to the merchant, the most optimal times are presented for selection (or automatically selected based on the consumer’s preferences). Reschedule conveniently and link with ANY existing calendar. Finally, a coordinated method to make this process easy and to prevent “telephone tag”!


Offering discounts to customers shouldn’t cost the majority of your revenue from delivering your service. With Impel, we present promotional discounts to consumers at the time they are looking for the service. So instead of building a stack of unused coupons, they can actually realize savings.