How Impel Works

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We guide implementation

Standard set-up tools

Automated customer on-boarding

Stop Wasting Money

The cost to acquire a new customer exceeds $250 - Stop the spend

Impel is cloud based - No dedicated hardware is needed

No IT support is needed

Impel has variable pricing options

Engage Your Customers Immediately

You will be open for your customers 24 x 7 and they can schedule confirmed appointments when it’s most convenient for them.

Impel’s simple and intuitive customer experience tools allow you to engage with them immediately and avoid building your own.

Tailor digital coupon and reward systems to incentivize your customers without incurring additional costs.

Grow Your Business

Review feedback immediately and address situations before you lose customers.

Recommend additional services based on your customers' exact needs.

Use customer recommendations to grow your customer base.

Reduce your customer churn.